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Published by Elise Parkes on 8-Nov-2011 Fashion

Why did you get into fashion?

I’ve always been interested in beautiful objects and over the years have collected a vast array of old charms and vintage clothing.  I think that’s possibly why I went down this route. Drawing and painting the female figure is also a passion of mine and has contributed towards my interest in pattern cutting.

What are the hardships of starting your own project and what have been your main ups and downs.

Having started straight out of university meant that I had a lot to learn extremely fast. I had to take the initiative and teach myself.  In the beginning every aspect of my brand was done by myself which was quite grueling. Saying this, the pay off has been well worth all the hard work. Seeing my line alongside brands that I love is incredible.

What was your first professional experience and how did you progress from there?

Taking my collection to a trade show for selling was really intimidating! Fortunately, now I have a sales agent who takes care of that side which is a relief!

In a highly competitive or rather, fast paced world of fashion what has been your main worry when taking on the industry?
The fashion industry is a pretty daunting trade. I have learnt to only do things that I truly believe in and to trust my instincts. It is important for one to have goals and aspirations so as to be able to excel and thrive in such a competitive environment.

Have you worked on any particular jobs that specifically were of main interest to you?

It was really exciting to work on collaborations with Nike and Casio.

What do you think about the current season’s look?

I am not really one to follow a trend though I do like the minimalistic approach in womenswear at the moment.

Every designer has a sense of style, of course, or a recurring theme and follows a recognizable motif in their imagery or final outcome. What is yours?

I am always very interested in menswear as a starting point. I love the practicality and functionality of the pieces. This certainly influences my take on womenswear.

Who or what has been your main inspiration as a designer?

I always start a season by collecting old objects and working from there. I like to look at classic pieces that have a story behind them and a sense of longevity.

Coming up with something new is obviously hard, but is the new factor important to you or would you prefer working on something that’s currently ‘fresh’?

In this highly competitive industry it is important to create new, wearable designs. Every item has to have its own special quality.

Are there any projects you are working on?

I am currently busy working on various collaborations such as a collection for Onward Kashiyama and a women’s line for Chapman bags.

Which do you prefer working on, womenswear or menswear?

I mainly work on womenswear, however I would definitely consider creating a menswear collection in the future. Menswear is always such an inspiration.

What do you like in fashion and what do you dislike?

I prefer things that are innovative yet wearable, things that have the potential to become a classic. I like pieces that can be worked into your own personal wardrobe and worn time and time again.

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