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Sonny Groo is a Dutch-based fashion stylist whose ambition is to introduce to the fashion audience the new and upcoming artists in the industry together with the already-established ones.

Sonny Groo is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine, MykroMag. The magazine is a unique online publishing medium that does not utilize a full spectrum of colours but rather sticks to the classical touches of black and white. Groo, a known enthusiast of black & white through his styling believes the monochrome spectrum isn’t a distraction or an eye-sore, and it shifts one’s attention to shape, volume and details. In addition, the magazine uses a large number of designers both from the Western and Eastern parts of the world, famous or not in the industry. Groo before founding MykroMag worked for a PR agency in Amsterdam where he met a large number of stylists who took him up as part of their team. During this period, Groo built a large network of people from the fashion industry and through such a network he found the right people which he could team up with and begin his own magazine, and so he did.

After only four online issues, MykroMag reached such a great response that the only way MykroMag could develop was by going to print. Groo is currently working on the printed issue of MykroMag as both the fashion industry and fashionistas still seem to pay more respect to a tangible printed issue which brings out the detail of such marvelous work. Shifting from an online edition to a printed edition makes the magazine more versatile and according to Groo, the future of making a magazine is in both forms. Magazines should involve an amalgamation of a lot of different mediums. A collaboration of events should accompany magazines, such as exhibitions & parties.

Groo is a firm believer in togetherness, he constantly mentions that people in the industry should work together and artists should really share their ideas. Also, despite being the founder and editor-in-chief of MykroMag, Groo does not only stick to one aspect of the magazine. The fashion industry is fast and time goes by quickly, and thus Groo argues that he can’t do one thing.

Notwithstanding his European roots, Sonny Groo travels and works quite frequently in the US too. Groo sees considerable differences between Europe and the US. In Europe, designers are more about the creative side, the vision and the moment. Whilst, in the US designers are more thoughtful about their creations, it’s more a combination of heart and mind. Nonetheless, he believes that everyone wants to create or make the most amazing work he/she can do, no matter of where one is based.
At twenty two quieting down is something unthinkable for Groo, especially with his large projects for the future. For now, the audience should wait patiently for the first printed issue of MykroMag and the rest will be revealed in due time.

Since this is a reposted interview from our Platinum Paper we have to amend and add some details. The brilliant Mykromag has now gone to print & is available for sale on the Mykromag website.

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