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Platinum Love Magazine goes on a series of interviews with various influencers in the fashion industry. In this interview we go one on one with the creator & editor of Coitus Magazine, Pantelis.

When did you start Coitus & for what reason?
I started working on Coitus in the summer of 2009, and launched the first issue in February 2010. I am a photographer and I started Coitus because I was going through a phase were I wasn’t enjoying photography any more. I was working on projects with other people and things were not done in the way I would normally work and that started affecting me. I went through a period of 8 months without taking any photos, and then decided to start Coitus, do things my way, and start enjoying what I do once again.

What do you think about the current trends of fresh new magazines?
There has been a huge rise in new magazines the past year, either that is print, zine or online. There are so many creatives out there who are looking for a way to show their work and these independent magazines are doing a great job in showcasing new talent. Not all of them will stand the test of time, but the ones with originality and edge will do well.

And how were the first reactions?
The biggest problem I had when I first started working on Coitus was that I wasn’t taken seriously. As far as people knew I was a deluded photographer starting a magazine in his bedroom. I struggled to get models and most of issue 1 is made out of some of my friends that I have rather than models. Even though I am confident in what I do, I never thought we would get the reaction we got. People bought the magazine in numbers, and the circulation of the photos online was incredible. Also a lot of publications decided to write about Coitus, with Wallpaper* magazine the most notable.

What do you love most about creating something that will be an influencer in one kind or the other?
I think there is nothing better than receiving emails from people who say they love what you do, and have your photos on their walls etc. I don’t know in what extend Coitus can influence people, but, as a rising photographer myself, who gets inspired by others, there is nothing better than knowing that someone might look up to you.

What do you think about the current industry?
I think the industry is suffering a little bit, like any other industry in these times. Whilst before people would collect their favourite magazines (including myself) without caring what the content will be, now people will flick through and buy only issues that are worth buying. For an independent magazine like Coitus, where creating a future issue depends on the success of the current one, you can’t afford to bring a bad issue out.

And what are your views about the blogging industry?
I think blogging is great. The internet has provided everyone with the opportunity to be seen. These days it doesn’t matter if you live in one of the fashion capitals, or who you know etc. The world is a small place online, and it’s a platform for talented people. I love finding inspiration and talented people to collaborate with on sites like tumblr and twitter.

Do you think the sudden trend of increasing publications is just a ‘fashionable’ move from blogging?
I think there is a love of print. Every photographer and designer would love to see their work in print. People might say that online is the future but no creative would choose that over print. I think the small limited edition format is affordable enough for someone to take a loan etc and bring an issue out. The problem is making a second issue, and to do that you would have to sell out your first issue. So yes I think we do have a fashionable trend but only a few will survive.

What are your favourite current publications?
I buy a lot of magazines but the ones I wouldn’t miss an issue are Arena Homme +, Love magazine and EY!

Are there any other projects you are working on?
I am always thinking of ideas. Coitus is at the moment my priority and we take each day as it comes with it, but I do have a few ideas for some new things that hopefully will launch later this year.

What has been the biggest shocker of 2010/2011 so far in the fashion industry?
McQueen’s death for sure, Galliano’s behaviour and Baptiste Giabiconi’s music career.

Where would you like to see Coitus go in the following few years?
Ideally it would take off and become a magazine that sells in bigger numbers in shops all around the world, and be established as a known brand.

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