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Published by Platinum Love Magazine on 31-Aug-2012 Fashion
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Les Plus Dorés is a small clothing brand based in New York City, committed to making special and well-designed goods for creative people who are always looking for the next big thing. We get head to head with creative director Benjamin Fainlight to discuss the ideal behind the new cult-to-be label.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?
The inspiration for the first series of shirts (The Dream Team) came from the idea that artists (including designers) have fans just like athletes do. With this in mind, we wanted to create a way for fans to show their support and taste without needing to purchase an item from the brand itself, making high fashion more accessible and available for everyday wear (since one wouldn't wear a Dior Homme jacket to a rock concert, but one could wear a Team Slimane and get the same message across).

Who is behind Les Plus Dorés?
There are three people behind Les Plus Dorés: Benjamin Fainlight, Nicole Pinhas, and Stephen Roth. We're from different areas of the USA (New York, Los Angeles, and Connecticut), and have interests ranging between all sorts of creative fields (fashion, art, food, music, etc). I'm the creative director, and design everything myself.

Who wears LPDNYC?
Les Plus Dorés, as we like to say, is worn by "the most golden" - people all over the world and in all sorts of fields. Most of our clients are young, with a strong sense of style and taste. They like to mix high fashion with things that are more casual or timeless, but they always have a personal signature that differentiates them from everyone else.

What has the reaction been so far?
The reaction has been fantastic! We've sold out of both the Philo and Margiela shirts (the only two we've released so far), and are releasing the Slimane shirt today at 12:00 EST. We've gotten a great response and support from the internet, especially from some of our favorite bloggers, who've worn the shirts on their websites and have reached out to us expressing how much they love the shirts.

We think you guys are bang-on the current trend. Any plans for the foreseeable future?
For the future we want to expand the brand beyond the current jersey trend and into new products and designs. Soon we'll be releasing more shirts than The Dream Team ones, and hopefully beginning to release some accessories (hats, primarily) and then some cut and sewn and knit goods afterwards. We want to keep making clothing and items that are timeless in their simplicity and quality, independent of a season-to-season structure.

Any collaborations you have in mind?
We don't have any collaborations in mind at the moment, but we'd love to collaborate with brands that will help us make a great and forward-moving product. Personally, I would love to collaborate on a varsity jacket, since I'm such a fan of the design and aesthetics of that item. I'd also love to inject some new life into some classically inspired knit items. Those would be my top wishes, followed by some more lifestyle oriented goods.

Any particular brands you guys like/follow?
We like to keep our eyes open to all aspects of design, whether Givenchy, Supreme, something handmade or vintage we run into walking around town. Although we each have individual tastes and preferences, we always keep an open mind and follow different brands.

Launching the Slimane shirt today you can purchase it online from here

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