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Frida Marklund

Published by Platinum Love Magazine on 13-May-2013 Photography, Fashion
Tags: Frida Marklund, Photography, Fashion

How and when did you get into photography?

I started taking pictures when I got my first analogue camera around the age of 14. When I took my first photography class in school I never wanted to leave the darkroom. I remember that class finished at 3pm but I always asked the teacher if I could keep the keys to the space and I stayed on my own in the darkroom until late at night. Watching the pictures appear on the paper was like magic. But I guess I got into photography more seriously at the age of 25 when I went to a really good school in Sweden specialising in commercial photography. At the school we had 30 weeks of internship and that’s how I got into assisting, which has been the way for me to learn and to get in to this business.

Is there a story to tell in your photographs?

If you and me got one flash each, the same location and the same model to work with we would still get two different results. And that’s because you and me are different. We have different backgrounds and different personalities. I believe that a photograph by a human being like you and me is never objective because there is always a person – a transmitter – that cant be objective behind it. So my answer to this question is – Yes, there is a story to tell. Even in the most simple portrait there is still a story behind it.

What’s your favourite photography medium, film or digital?

I almost always shoot digital when I work. But my favourite is definitely film.

Why did you move into fashion photography?

I started out exploring documentary photography, I guess because of my curiosity and interest in other people and different cultures. But I became more and more fascinated by visual communication, graphic design and pictures that came out of fashion. Before decided to move in to photography more seriously I studied to become an art director. I looked a lot at photographers working in fashion that had more of a documentary style, where life was still very present. Bruce Weber is a great example of a photographer that made me start looking at fashion photography. I've assisted photographers in many different fields but my fascination always came back to fashion, the images that I wish I had done came out of fashion.

Who or what has been your main inspiration as a photographer?

This is a hard question to answer because it has too many answers. Travelling the world and exploring different cultures has been a huge inspiration to me. I've always had a supportive family and the last years also great professional mentors. I can get inspired by going to a fashion show but I get more inspired by the small things in life like someone singing on the subway. I get inspired by life, and that’s why Im happy when I walk the streets in New York. I cant really nail it down, but its something in the air and the mix of people and different cultures that makes me feel very alive. And when I feel alive I feel inspired.

What projects are coming up next for you?

After assisting for many years I am now spending more time on my own work. I am also moving, or at least spending much more time in New York -the city of opportunities (and hard work).

What are you currently listening to?

First Aid Kit.

Favourite hang outs?

A rooftop bbq in Brooklyn with friends and anywhere in Sweden during the summer!??

Choice of outfit for the season?

For me it’s a black t-shirt, black jeans and an old leatherjacket. The same as every other season. ??

What do you like in fashion & what do you dislike?

I dislike that people, certainly models get into the business when they are too young and not always get treated so well. I also really dislike that the competition sometimes makes people act like someone they´re not. At the same time fashion is fast moving, full of interesting characters and you get to work with talented people from all over the world. As long as I treat people nice, work hard and stick to who I am then the fashion business is definitely for me. If I some day get lost in the crazy world of fashion, I know I have grounded friends around to help me find my way home.


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