Forget Me Not

Published by Platinum Love Magazine on 17-Apr-2012 Art and Culture
Tags: Mariell Amelie

Notting Hill Arts Club is pleased to announce a new solo show by Norwegian photographer Mariell Amélie, a regular contributor to Platinum Love Magazine.

Amélie has created a series of dream-like self-portraits for over 6 years. Her images sit on a boundary between fine art and fashion but are very much a private and personal endeavour. In her words “All my images are feelings I’ve had, feelings I cant always talk about or show in any other ways.”

These isolated performances evoke a 21st century Romanticism – self-reflective moments of solitude made visible through choice of location, clothing and pose. Although many of the images would not be out of place in faddish glossy magazines, her self-portraits maintain a timeless quality.  “I guess it’s the only thing in life that I’m absolutely sure I will have forever, and as long as I have that I will never feel completely lost” she says on the on-going project.

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