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In Conversation

Christopher Hench

Published by Platinum Love Magazine | In Conversation, Fashion
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We bring back our HYPE  short question and interviews focusing on industry professionals and emerging talents with young American photographer Christopher Hench.

How and when did you get into photography?
I always had a mild interest in photography, but I would say my first real “getting into” photography was my first year at art school.

Is there a story to tell in your photographs?
Definitely. I feel that every photograph should tell some sort of a story or emotional conveyance. Sometimes that feeling is open to interpretation by the viewer.

What are your favourite subjects?
People, anyone interesting.

What’s your favourite photography medium, film or digital?
I like experimenting with all mediums but due to time constraints I primarily work in digital.

What has been your main inspiration as a photographer ?
Film and music. I cannot get enough of the two in my life.

What projects are coming up next for you?
I am working on a personal project called PUP Journal link to PUP

What are you currently listening to?
Wild Nothing’s new album with a bit of Bauhaus on the side.

Favourite hang outs?
Love unwinding in a café or diner. Or anywhere I can get a nice glass of wine.

Choice of outfit for the season?
I like to keep it simple and mix some new with some vintage.

What do you like in fashion & what do you dislike?
Love the imagery I am able to create suited to the fashion world. Dislike fashion attitudes! It’s supposed to be a fun, creative industry. Sometimes I just think everyone needs a bit of stirring up.

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Category In Conversation, Fashion
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