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Out of the fog

Published by Fabrizio Mifsud Soler | Culture
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Editor-at-Large Fabrizio Mifsud Soler catches up with Paris based photographer Ola Rindal to discuss, amongst other subjects, the dichotomy photographers often face when producing portfolio work and commercial assignments.

Man Running is probably your most iconic image. Where was it shot? What's the story behind it?

I shot it on the ferry between Sweden and Finland in 2007. I had just begun a 3 month journey though Russia, Mongolia, China and Vietnam. The man came out of nowhere.. out of the fog.

You're quoted as an experimenter when it comes to printing methods. Do you find printing and display an integral part of your artistic output?

All steps are important. No image is finished when you see it on your computer-screen. I think inkjet printing offers a lot of new opportunities.

You are Norwegian but currently based in Paris. Would you say there are more opportunities for a photographer like yourself in Paris rather than in Oslo? How would you compare the two?

You can’t compare Oslo to Paris. Obviously there are more opportunities here in Paris than in Oslo, but I don't think you have to be in a big city to "make it". I cant really compare the two cites, but I would not go to Oslo to work in fashion for example.

How does working for high calibre brands such as Louis Vuitton compare to your artistic portfolio work? Would you define the former as a means to an end for the latter or would you say you enjoy both equally?

I do like both, but my personal work is closer to me. Assignment work is a challenge every time by it can give me ideas for my personal work. And of course the other way around. Although I enjoy working for advertising and fashion,I don't think that I would do it if I did not need the money. But then again, that goes for most jobs, no?

Your fashion imagery is in fact very different from your project work, do you make a conscious distinction when shooting fashion? Or are there certain restrictions imposed by clients/magazines?

When working on fashion images, you don’t work alone, but as a team, so it is not only my vision that comes across. When I work alone for my personal work, images are not constructed. The process is different. My personal pictures mostly just come to me by themselves. Still I try to use the same sensitivity for everything I do. Maybe one day I will be able to mix the two.

There's an unmistakable foggy quality to your images. Would you say that this is a defining characteristics of your artistic work? How would you define it?

I dont know, if you say so.. I think the fogginess is about capturing the light, giving the light a substance and making it the subject it self. I also like to hide and obscure more than making something too obvious by showing it. I like putting forward a mystery, rather than explaining.

Your tendency towards overexposure is palpable, and your latest book Night, light is perhaps the ultimate culmination of this. What attracts you to this very low contrast approach to photography?

Yes, for Night, light I liked the fact that I could turn black into light and substance, and that you could really feel the paper just like with a pencil drawing. I felt like I could create something mystic, fragile and beautiful out of these night-pictures.

Ola Rindal’s limited edition Night, light is available online from independent Swedish publishers Livraison.
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