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Alan Taylor

Published by Kathleen Ryan on 6-Mar-2013 Fashion
Tags: alan taylor

Since launching his own label in 2011, Alan Taylor’s design aesthetic has altered the image of classic menswear with his innovative twist on the typical silhouette most commonly associated with masculinity. Although fairly young, 25-year-old Taylor’s designs are riddled with the sophistication and artistic flair beyond his youth. Having worked under the likes of Alexander McQueen and Simone Rocha has shaped his particular style, which remains consistent throughout his collections.

Season after season, the juxtaposing elements incorporated into his work create a clean, fresh take on menswear. Taylor consciously utilises classical elements in his designs in order to maintain the aura of masculinity with the incorporation of classical tailoring techniques. This can be seen is the use of tweed in his creations, which is supplied by an Irish fabric mill founded in 1866.  Yet this fabric is manipulated in a manner which challenges the conventional.

Taylor’s A/W 2013 collection is not simply an extension of his typical aesthetic. He named Dan Flavin’s fluorescent sculptural installations as his main inspiration. Taylor appropriated this luminosity in his designs, using coloured sheer fabric for the whole front of a blazer. Small elements of the same material also featured in other pieces, almost mimicking a fluorescent ray of light.

Feminine pieces are also integrated into the collection, such as a kilt, whilst still maintaining the masculine integrity of tailoring. Through this collection, Taylor wishes to evoke the fourth dimension; the ability to perceive an object with two different perceptions of time and space.

This perfectly reflects the image portrayed within the collection; a seamless merge of two different dimensions through the use of two different fabrics, with the ability to transcend oneself beyond the confines of ordinary perception.

Kathleen Ryan is a 20-year-old aspiring fashion journalist from Malta.  Although still a student, she spends her days blissfully daydreaming of being totally immersed in the wonderful world of fashion. Kathleen’s style cannot be defined, citing the multiplicity of images she is exposed to as being the main cause of this. She is particularly lured by an inspiring fashion story, capable of conjuring up a magical world where anything is possible.

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