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A platform for emerging talent, young designers, fresh faces, and upcoming events and the publication Platinum Love Magazine reach out to an engaging, cultured and young audience.
Since our launch in 2007 Platinum Love became Malta's #1 destination online for the fashion and art industry.
Working with a selected number of up market brands we push forward originality, innovation and ideas.

Some testimonials from influencers from both the Maltese islands and internationally.
“Platinum Love is Malta’s most innovative fashion publication”  VOGUE Italia

“If there’s one publication that proves that things are happening in Malta, it’s Platinum Love” Joe Fountain, Manolo Blahnik

Some of our past clients include Diesel, Levis, Fred Perry, Topman and Toyota. By partnering with the Platinum brand, an influencer and innovator you will place your brand among originality and creativity of the content on the website and or the magazine. For advertising enquiries and if you'd like to receive a media pack contact our media agency